quinta-feira, 13 de maio de 2010

Terminator 2 - T-800 Endoskeleton

Marca - Neca
Tamanho - 7"
The Terminator, specifically the T-800 Series Model 101 is a cybernetic organism sent back in time from a post-apocalyptic future in an effort to carry out its mission of either protection or assassination. It is living tissue such as skin, hair, eyes, and fingernails growing over a seemingly indestructible metal that acts as a skeleton and CPU. In times of extreme combat the metal skeleton can be seen where patches of skin have been destroyed.
Terminator 2: Judgment Day, commonly abbreviated as T2, is a 1991 science fiction action film directed, co-written and co-produced by James Cameron and starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, Linda Hamilton, Edward Furlong, and Robert Patrick. Set eleven years after the events of The Terminator, it follows Sarah Connor, her 10-year-old son John, and a reprogrammed Terminator from the future as they defend themselves from a T-1000 and attempt to prevent Judgment Day, a future event in which machines will begin to exterminate humanity.
T2 was a significant box office and critical success. It had an impact on popular culture, and is considered by many to be hugely influential in the genres of action and science fiction.The film's visual effects include many breakthroughs in computer-generated effects, marking the first use of natural human motion for a CG character and the first partially computer-generated main character.The film won several awards including four Academy Awards for makeup, sound mixing, sound editing and visual effects.


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