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Kratos (with Flaming Blades of Athena) - God of War

Marca - Neca
Tamanho - 7"
Kratos (Ancient Greek: Κράτος, English translation: "strength" and "power") is a video game character and the creation of Sony Computer Entertainment's Santa Monica division.
Kratos first appeared in the game God of War (released in March 2005), which is very loosely based on Greek mythology. The success of God of War allowed for the development of four additional games (with a fifth in development), with Kratos continuing as the protagonist of the entire God of War series. The character has been consistently voiced by TC Carson.
Eventually revealed to be a demigod, Kratos embarks on a series of often "forced" adventures in attempts to avert disaster or change his fate. Kratos is usually portrayed as being oblivious to all else in the execution of these adventures, often engaging in morally ambiguous activities and performing acts of extreme violence. Each adventure forms part of a saga with revenge as a central theme, and provides additional information on Kratos' origins and relationship with his family and the gods.
Kratos has received positive critical reception, being described by reviewers as a "sympathetic antihero". The character is also associated with products including artwork, clothing, comic books, fast food, the internet, a novel, sweepstakes, toys and cell phone skins, with Game Guru claiming that "Practically anyone, even if they hadn't played any of the God of War games, would know about Kratos.
God of War is an action adventure video game for the PlayStation 2 console by Sony Computer Entertainment's Santa Monica division first released in March 2005 and is the first installment in the God of War series. Loosely based on Greek mythology and focused on protagonist Kratos, the game forms part of a saga - the God of War series - with revenge as a central theme. In this chapter, Kratos must stop the God of War, Ares, from destroying the city of Athens by finding the fabled Pandora's Box.

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