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Leatherface (Thomas Hewitt) - The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

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Leatherface is the main antagonist in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre horror-film series and its spin-offs. He wears masks made of human skin (hence his name) and engages in murder and cannibalism alongside his inbred family. He is considered by many to be one of the first major slasher film villains alongside Michael Myers and Norman Bates. Leatherface first appeared in the first film in the series (1974) and in its four subsequent continuations and remakes. Wisconsin murderer Ed Gein, who wore a mask made of human skin, was the inspiration for the character.
Thomas Hewitt is the main killer of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake series. He was born in a slaughterhouse and left to die in a dumpster. He was discovered by Luda Mae Hewitt while she was searching for food to feed her poor family and she took him home to raise. It was soon discovered that Thomas had a degenerative facial disease that discolored his skin and rotted off his nose. Due to this disease Thomas was treated badly by his peers, which may have caused his reclusiveness lack of emotion in the series. It was revealed that Thomas was also self-mutilatory and made masks out of animals as a young child.
Thomas would later take employment in the local Slaughterhouse (which was, ironically, where he was born), hiding his disfigurement with a small muzzle mask. After the slaughterhouse was condemned, his boss and another employee attempted to drive him out, insulting him by calling him a "dumb animal" and a "retard." Acting on a long-burning rage, Thomas beat and killed his boss with a sledgehammer and stole a chainsaw which would become his iconic weapon. After his Uncle Charlie assumed the identity of the local sheriff, Thomas would began torturing and butchering the victims that Charlie would usually spot and at times kidnap. After torturing and killing one victim, Thomas skinned his face and used the skin as a mask, another trademark that earned him the moniker, "Leatherface."
After one of his victims severed his arm and escaped the police discovered the Hewitts deeds, Thomas attacked and killed two police officers and fled. He was never captured and the case today remains open.
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is a 2003 American remake of the 1974 horror film of the same name. The 2003 film was directed by Marcus Nispel and produced by Michael Bay. It was also co-produced by Kim Henkel and Tobe Hooper, co-creators of the original 1974 film.
This film has also been a milestone for Hollywood in terms of remaking classic slasher/horror films. This film is the first of many horror remakes to come from Michael Bay's Platinum Dunes production company which also remade The Amityville Horror, The Hitcher, Friday the 13th, and A Nightmare on Elm Street.

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