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The Texas Chainsaw Massacre - Screen Grab Diorama (Mono version)

Marca - Mezco Toys
Tamanho - 7"
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is a 2003 American  remake  of the 1974 horror film of the same name. The 2003 film was directed by Marcus Nispel and produced by Michael Bay. It was also co-produced by Kim Henkel and Tobe Hooper, co-creators of the original 1974 film.
In 1973, five college students, Erin (Jessica Biel), Kemper (Eric Balfour), Morgan (Jonathan Tucker), Andy (Mike Vogel), and Pepper (Erica Leerhsen), are on their way to a Lynyrd Skynyrd concert after coming back from Mexico. As they drive through Texas, they see a distraught hitchhiker (Lauren German), who eventually gets in their van. After trying to speak to the hitchhiker, who speaks incoherently about a "bad man," she shoots and kills herself with a .357 Magnum. The group tries to contact the police, then go to a store where a woman tells them the sheriff is at the mill. Instead of the sheriff, they find a little boy named Jedediah (David Dorfman) who tells them that the sheriff is drinking at home. Erin and Kemper go through the woods to find his house, leaving the other three at the mill with the boy. They come to a farm house where Erin is allowed inside by the owner, Monty, to phone for help. When Erin finishes, the old man asks her for help. Kemper goes inside to look for Erin and is killed with an axe to the back by Thomas Hewitt aka Leatherface (Andrew Bryniarski).

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