terça-feira, 28 de setembro de 2010

Pinhead - Hellraiser

Marca - Neca
Tamanho - 46 cm (18")
Pinhead is a fictional character from the Hellraiser series. Created by Clive Barker and portrayed by Doug Bradley, Pinhead is a prominent figure in the series, sometimes featured as the main antagonist.
Pinhead is the leader of the cenobites, formerly human creatures from an extradimensional realm who travel to Earth through the Lament Configuration, and harvest human souls. Depicted as intelligent and articulate, the character was deliberately presented as a departure from the mute or wise-cracking 1980s horror movie villains who preceded him, being based more on Count Dracula.
Described by Doug Bradley as stronger than Jason Voorhees and Michael Myers, Pinhead is an extremely powerful being, and as such, has several supernatural  abilities. His preferred method of attack is by summoning hooks and chains to mutilate victims, often pulling said victims in several directions to tear them apart. These chains are subject to his total mental control and he may direct them at will. The chains may even change shape after having attached to a victim. Pinhead is highly resistant to damage and direct assault, being able to resist both gunshots and futuristic energy weapons. His magic is also used for creating objects out of thin air, teleporting, creating explosions at distances and deceiving opponents with illusions. Pinhead is also familiar with the Occult and magic, with an ability to read minds. He is capable of creating other cenobites from both living and dead victims.
Hellraiser is a 1987 horror film exploring themes of sadomasochism and morality under duress and fear. The story is based upon the novella The Hellbound Heart by Clive Barker, who also wrote the screenplay and directed the film. In the UK, the film is titled Clive Barker's Hellraiser. It is the first film in the Hellraiser series. Seven sequels followed with the eighth, Hellraiser: Revelations, now in the works. A remake of the original Hellraiser film has also been announced and will be presented in 3D. Hellraiser was number 19 on the cable channel Bravo's list of the 100 Scariest Movie Moments.

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3 comentários:

  1. O grande Pinhead em todo o seu esplendor.
    Na caixa diz ‘motion activated sound’ , o que é que ele diz precisamente, ainda que eu já adivinhe..?
    Deve ser tipo..
    ‘i’ll tear your soul apart’
    ‘suffering, the sweet suffering’
    Desse tamanho, e da Neca, tenho somente o Aragorn e diz uma data de frases emblemáticas do Senhor dos anéis.
    Parabens por esse pinhead é um luxo!


  2. Obrigado, Lobo.
    Ele diz mais ou menos isso, e outras coisas que ainda não percebi bem, mas está mesmo esplendoroso.

  3. Esse Pinhead está divinal, já merecia um vídeo para ouvirmos essas frases!?