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1993 Benetton Ford B193 - Michael Schumacher Collection

Marca - Minichamps
Escala - 1:87
The Benetton B193 was a Formula One racing car designed and raced by Benetton team in the 1993 Formula One season.
The car is distinguishable from its predecessor due to it being narrower than the previous year's car as per the regulations of the 1993 season. Other than that it is almost visibly identical to the preceding car.
In terms of performance it was an improvement on the 1992 competitor. Michael Schumacher was able to consistently challenge the McLarens and on occasion challenged the seemingly undefeatable Williams FW15C.
It is arguable that it was the second most competitive car on the grid with Schumacher regularly scoring podiums and out-qualifying the single-lap ace Ayrton Senna in 8 of the 16 races of the season. Having a factory engine in contrast to McLaren having to make do with a customer unit gave Benetton a noticeable power advantage although Williams used a far superior Renault V10 unit.
The car was very advanced in the technological sense and featured active suspension, a semi-automatic transmission and traction control from the Monaco Grand Prix onwards.
Benetton eventually finished 3rd in the Constructors' Championship just behind McLaren but with a substantial gap to Williams.

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